" My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast!
I will sing and make a melody!"

Friday, May 7, 2010

The OpryMills Mall...

...yep, we shop at this mall occasionally. What a flood! Imagine what the World Wide flood was like!!!
God is powerful, and in control.



Charity said...

Praying... it's unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Wow..did you see the Opryland hotel too?? It's awful...but yes, our God is on control!!
Yes, I can only imagine what a World-wide flood would look like!!

Ellie Snider said...

Oh wow! That's amazing! Its amazing how powerful God is...

Miss Jen said...

Oh my... amazing!
I will be praying!

Anonymous said...

Yep! =) I really like them too.
Aww, that's too bad!! :( I wish I had more to put on here, but all I have is their 5-song playlist that they put on their blog.. =) I really should buy one of their Cds. =) You can get one on their website if you'd like!