" My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast!
I will sing and make a melody!"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Tag...

The rules of this tag are as follow: I must answer the questions given to me below by the tagger, and then I must tag more people and ask them ten questions for them to fill out.
I'm going to do the tag like Sarah did. I don't know of anymore questions to add either, so I'll just answer the previous round of questions along with the new ones.
I take it that's okay?!


1. In what location do you feel God's Presence the greatest?
Outside right before a summer sunset behind our field. It's breath-taking...

2. What is your favorite craft? (i.e. knitting, scrapbooking, drawing, etc.)
Knitting, crocheting, and cooking. (I can't draw a stick person...)

3. How many brothers and/or sisters do you have?
3 sisters

4. Do you have an iPod?
Yes, I got it for Christmas 2 years ago. When I opened it, I didn't know what on earth it was. :)

5. Do you speak a second language?
Sorta. I speak a little spanish, I know intermediate sign-language, and I'm learning biblical greek.

6. What type of food is your favorite? (i.e. American, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, etc.)
Um...probably chinese, Italian, and American (What constitutes American food anyway?)

7. Have you ever eaten sushi?
NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Who want's to eat raw fish???

8. If you had to live in a foreign country for five years, which country would you pick and why?

Ireland or Scotland. My Great Great Grandpa came directly from Ireland, and my family's roots are pretty close to Scotland also. I love the Green Country.

9. Can you either "speak" sign language or read Braille?
I know quiet a bit of sign-language.

10. Describe your pets:
Ellie-Border Collie
Fancy-Hot tot rabbit
Chickens-don't ask
Guineas- UGLY
Launcelot-Fluffy cat


1. What is your favorite book? Don't say the Bible- that's a given! Something else, either fiction or non.

Ohhhh, tough one. I like anything by Ken Ham, G.A. Henty, C.H. Spurgeon. I like the Bronze Bow, Douglas Bond books... and so many more...

2. Comedy or Adventure?

A little of both actually. :)

3. What is the farthest you've ever traveled from home?
Cape Cod Mass. We drove the WHOLE way...

4. What is your favorite song, and from which author is it?
Wow. That's a doozy. I like a LOT of songs, currently, I'm into 40's music, so probably Singin' in the Rain (Gene Kelly) and Blue Skies (Ella Fitzgerald)

5. What color is your room painted?
Uh...well...hmm... It was blue, then yellow, now it's half yellow, and half...uh...Barn red...:):)

6. What place, for you, in the world has the best memories?
Tennessee and Williamsburg Virgina.

7. What is your favorite baby name?
Girl- Elsie Grace
Boy- Joel Andrew

I also like Clara, May, Henry, Allister, Molly, Jenny and Angus. (Yes, much to my Mother's grief)

8. Do you play pranks? If so, what is the best one you've ever made up?
I don't play pranks very often, if ever. :)

9. What is your favorite beverage? Water and red grape juice

10. What, to your mind, is the perfect vacation?

Williamsburg Virginia, and Eastern Europe. I also like the Smoky Mountains.

I tag whoever with this one! Let me know if you decide to do it!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Just A Few Random Pictures...and a Funny Story

Okay, I know it's been a while since I posted. Life has been VERY busy 'round here. I L-O-V-E summer, but, this summer has been just plain HOT! I'm talkin' it hasn't been out of the 90's for weeks. We were discussing the heat at church last night, and everyone is praying for at least 80-85 degree weather, just for relief. 'They' say there'll be a warm fall, I hope to goodness (whoever 'they' are) are wrong. We had a little rain yesterday, but you couldn't tell when it got finished that it had rained at all.
I still haven't been able to load up the pics from Savannah, but I hope to work on it soon. In the mean time, here are a few from this summer:

We dubbed this one, "The Atomic Cloud"

Ellie ADORES her volley ball...

Hey Launcelot! Don't fall on my head please!!

Shuckin' the corn...and for those of you who might think, "Ewwwww! You ate corn your dog chewed on?" No, we threw her piece out. The corn was so infested with worms, that we ended throwing out a large part of it. What a shame...

" I will cause the shower to come down; there shall be showers of blessing."
Ezekiel 34:26

Oh, before I forget. Two nights ago, we were getting ready for bed, when all of the sudden, I start to hear music. Real soft, tinkling like music. Almost like a snow-globe. I walked all over the house. Everyone was in bed, but I heard that music, it so quiet, I couldn't make out a distinct tune, but I knew I heard it. I checked our radio. Nothing. I checked the computer. Nothing. I even checked my fiddle, (a while back, the strings on the fiddle where popping and plinking. Making tuneless music. I woke up in the middle of the night scared to death. Turns out, they where just de-tuning because it was hot in the house.) Nothing. It was starting to drive me CRAZY! All I could hear was that music, and I didn't know where it was coming from. So I wake Daddy up and he starts looking for it. Grace gets up and starts looking. Then, we stop in the hall way, listening. Right above our heads is the attic trap-door. At the same time, Daddy and I both point up. It was coming from the attic! So I helter-skelter up the ladder and find a Christmas tree ornament the plays, "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" The batteries where messed up, and it wouldn't stop it's tune. Daddy put the batteries in backwards, and we went to sleep.

I'm glad we found where it was coming from. (And that I wasn't going crazy!)

Blessings in Him,