" My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast!
I will sing and make a melody!"

Sunday, August 30, 2009

BBQ Doughnuts?!!?

We were driving back from a restaurant after church, when I noticed that our town's doughnut shop was closed and a sign that said " T.J.'s BBQ coming soon" was posted. Now, for this to have any meaning to you, you must know that last winter, my Grandpa (who plays the banjo) took me and my sister (who plays the mandolin) up there to jam with some retired elderly folks who play bluegrass. We would go almost every Friday morning to play and learn about music, songs, and such. Well, my town is small. The highest place in my town is the top of the Methodist Church steeple. There's a dike around the town that keeps it from flooding (before the dike, it flooded really bad most of the spring and summer) It has a small library and about three greasy spoon restaurants. Those restaurants are FULL every Sunday afternoon. We decided to go thirty minutes away to a bigger town and eat this Sunday. ( We usually eat at home, but today was an exception.) I told you all this so you would understand that our town has NEVER been able to hold an ice cream, doughnut, or treat place for more than six months without closing because they didn't get enough money. I saw that sign and told Daddy and Mama, " Oh! The doughnut shop is closed and it's a BBQ place! Now we can't jam there this Winter!" (by the way, they had GREAT doughnuts!) Daddy said, " Well, you could hang out and jam at the BBQ place." " Who would want to hang out at a BBQ place? That's NOT appetizing." I said. Daddy laughed and said, " Well, they could have kept it a doughnut place for the Winter(that's when they got a lot of business) and then made the BBQ place for the summer. You could have BBQ doughnuts!" That brought a round of laughter. Oh well, I guess that's how it goes! Me and my sister go to church on Sunday afternoons with Grandpa and Grandma and my great aunt and sing and play songs. I LOVE to go with them. It's something I think a lot of kids miss out on when they think that older people are just a bunch of old fashioned, retired people who like to tell old stories. I love to hear Grandma and Grandpa and my aunt talk about when they where growing up. There are some pretty interesting stories and things you can learn from them! Like Psalm says, " Grey hair is a glorious crown, it is found in the paths of righteousness."
Have a GREAT Sunday!
May God bless!

- Kathrann

Oh! Also, Gracie, the little girl who's going to have surgery, she's going tomorrow. Please pray!

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