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I will sing and make a melody!"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Any Ideas for names???

Personality- Tries to be big, even though he's the runt.

Personality- Very dainty, even though she's the ONLY girl.

This one already has the name, 'louie' (loo-ee)
Personality- Fat, pretty much lazy, likes to sit in the corner.

Personality- Adorable! The most out going kitten. He likes to
Jump side ways and play with shoe laces, pant legs, and fingers.

This one already has the name, 'Lancealot'
Personality- Easy- going, likes to wrestle. Gives up easily, a perfect

Does anybody have some good names for some of these cute little kittens?
They're all about 3-4 weeks old.


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