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I will sing and make a melody!"

Friday, December 11, 2009

I've Been Awarded!

Thanks Hannah! www.upnorthhannah.blogspot.com

I'm supposed to tell 7 new things about myself:

1) I can't stand small dogs, (jack russel terriers,...) =)

2) My great-great grandfather was a full blooded Irish man.

3) I don't like popcorn. (Yes, I know, my sisters constantly tease me on this one) =)

4) I get sick on the ferris wheel at the county fair. (I am NOT a dare devil)

5) I have never ridden in a plane. (I don't plan to ever ride in one.)

6) I LOVE border collies.

7) I'm only 5'3, and probably won't grow anymore. (It's the Irish blood. My Grandma is 5'2, and my Daddy is 5'6.)

Well, there you go! Now I award:

Jenna, www.femininefarmgirl.blogspot.com
Ashley, www.farmgirlathome.blogspot.com
Karis, www.karis-brown.blogspot.com
Miss Crystal, www.crystalmarylindsey.blogspot.com
Jasmine, www.joyfullyathome.blogspot.com
Alexandra, www.hskubesgal.blogspot.com
Ellie, www.theglamlg.blogspot.com

Your supposed to:
Award seven people, and let them know
Then, tell seven things about yourself that your readers don't know



Jenna said...

That's fine about the tag:) I'll do it when I get a chance...or maybe I'll add it to the post that I just did:)
Thank you!!

Hannah said...

Thanks for doing this!! I enjoyed reading it. I can't stand little dogs either! They are too "yip- yappy". I love big dogs! Sadly, ours was hit on the road almost a year ago. I miss him SO bad. We are on the look out for another dog!

Crystal Mary said...

Thank you Kathrann, I must admit I do have a small dog, but no he doesn't yap...Thanks be to God. His name is Monty and we adopted him when his folks moved to another State.. He is the best mannered little boy..
I will complete my award soon.
Blessings and love.
Sister Crystal

Anonymous said...

Haha, that looks like a fun quiz! :) I'm only 5'3 too, which is rather funny because my younger sister(who is only 12) is 5'6. But it's not really bad being short, lol. :D I got tagged to do this quiz too the other day, not sure if I'll get around to it or not; we'll see. :D God bless!