" My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast!
I will sing and make a melody!"

Thursday, December 17, 2009


It was inevitable. I'm sick.
It's a aggravating head cold. Sore throat, watery eyes, drippy nose, cough, head-ache, sneezing, and chills. Oh well, everybody but me and Daddy has had this past week, I guess it was my turn. :) Good thing it only lasts about four days or so.
I want to do some Christmas baking, and cookies making. (I love the rythmning:))

My Nina and aunt Kami are coming down on Christmas eve! Then we're going to my Grandma's house, down the road about a mile and a half, and having Christmas there.

Let me tell you, hot tea is a magnificent blessing! I couldn't get through my sore throat without it. (Well, I probably could but, it sure helps ease the pain.)
Peppermint is my favorite.

Oh! And thank you all my followers for the comments! You all are such an encouragement!

Well, better go blow my nose for the 20,000,000th time! :)



Hannah said...

Hope you get better. It is NOT fun being sick!

Anonymous said...

Aww, bummer! It's certainly not fun being sick.. :(
I pretty much have year-round allergies, so I know what you feel like--blowing your nose for the 20,000,000th time! :(
Praying for a quick recovering,

Crystal Mary said...

Get well soon. Blessing Crystal Lindsey